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Annals of Sports Science and Exercise Medicine. Vol. 1, No. 1, 2023

Review Article
Is Doping Wrong Anyway?
스포츠와 반도핑
Ann Sports Sci Exerc Med 2023;1(1):1-8.
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The FIFA World Cup and Sports Science: New Perspectives in Performance Enhancement
월드컵과 스포츠과학: 경기력 향상의 새로운 물결
Ann Sports Sci Exerc Med 2023;1(1):9-27.
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Prevalence, Type and Mechanism of Football Injury: Head
축구에서 두부 손상의 발생률, 종류와 기전
Ann Sports Sci Exerc Med 2023;1(1):28-31.
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Special Medical Issues and Considerations for Women’s Football Players
여자 축구선수들의 특별한 의학적 문제들과 고려 사항
Ann Sports Sci Exerc Med 2023;1(1):32-40.
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Original Article
Exercise Guideline for Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis
강직성 척추염 환자를 위한 운동 가이드라인
Ann Sports Sci Exerc Med 2023;1(1):41-47.
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Case Report
Maintaining the Sporting Shoulder after Injury; a Case Report on the Journey of Rehabilitation Exercise after Revision Rotator Cuff Repair
회전근개 파열 재수술 후 스포츠재활의 성공적 여정: 증례보고
Ann Sports Sci Exerc Med 2023;1(1):48-55.
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